Work With Me

Andrea is a freelance journalist and copywriter with more than eight years of experience in writing for various big publications including Time Out, The National and Gulf News.

Freelance travel journalism 

Looking for an experienced freelance journalist with an insatiable curiosity and a hunger to really experience the places that she visits? Then look no further. Andrea is always looking to partner with publications that are looking for insightful, original and attention-grabbing travel pieces. For more information, contact hello (at) scribblesnaptravel (dot) com

Freelance travel photography

Andrea’s photos have been described by various people in the media as artistic and original. She’s now looking to combine her love of photography and travel along with her passion for exploring new places and meeting people from other cultures.


Let’s face it; great copy grabs people’s attention. No one knows this better than Andrea, who’s used this as her mantra for the last six years that she’s been working as a copywriter. She’s written copy for massive brands such as Audi, Virgin and Serco, as well as smaller businesses, and can help you with everything from website copy to brochures. For more information, contact hello (at) scribblesnaptravel (dot) com or visit