My Berlin Bucket List

Berlin bucket list

In three weeks I’ll be in Berlin! Eaaaak! I’ve decided to put together a Berlin bucket list for my time there; there’s so much to do and see that I thought it would be good to list it all out and cross things off as I go along! I plan to do all the cultural/artsy stuff, as well as immerse myself into the city’s literary scene – well, as much as I can do in a month anyway.

I already envision a trip extension; Berlin sounds like just my kind of place!

I’m also happy to add new things here, so if you have any suggestions of quirky or offbeat activities, great vegetarian restaurants, and local haunts, let me know.

P.s. Can I just say, I cannot wait to be there?!

berlin bucket list

My Berlin Bucket List

Feast on a Vöner

Join a writer’s group

Do the street art tour

See the urban plan the Nazi regime had for Berlin

Visit the Topography of Terror museum

Visit the Stasi Museum

Do a vegan food tour

Enjoy Street Food Thursday

Spend a day on Museum Island

Walk the Berlin Wall and visit the Berlin Wall Memorial

Visit the DDR Museum

Have a cocktail at a 1920s burlesque bar

Have a bowl of ramen at Takumi Nine

Do some window shopping at Bikini Berlin

Visit the Reichstag and have breakfast

Explore the Museum of Photography

Trawl Shakespeare and Sons for old books

Watch Casablanca at Lichtblick-Kino

Spend a Sunday at Mauerpark

Time travel in a Berlin apartment

Get nostalgic at the Dong Xuan Vietnamese ‘mall’

Visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Catch a classical music concert at Konzerthaus Berlin

Have shisha at one of the city’s many hookah bars

Hang out in one of my neighbourhood’s ‘living room’ cafés


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berlin bucket list

This is a work in progress, so do you have any suggestions? I’m particularly interested in off-beat, alternative things to see and do!

  • I came close to moving to Berlin back in 1998. As it happened, I never went – and that will forever be an eternal “what if…?” for me.

    Have you read this?:

    You may find it interesting. Amy’s written a few other Berlin-based pieces too, including one in the Guardian, on the urban goshawks of Berlin, which also discusses Tempelhof:

    (That’s pretty offbeat!)

    Looking forward to hearing about your forthcoming adventures.


    • Andrea

      Wow – thank you so much for sharing these links, Alexander. I particularly enjoyed the digital nomad ghost story; it resonated with me on a lot of levels. I do sometimes wonder what it will take for me to settle in one place and be fully content with that decision – maybe some of us will always feel restless if ‘stuck’ in one place for too long?

      • Oh yes, I am definitely one of those people who feels restless after a time. I lived in Sheffield for nine years – but even there I moved around, living in five different places before deciding enough was enough. If I’m to be honest, I’ve delayed my next move too long, and it’s now beginning to grate on me.

        Really enjoying your posts, many thanks for all the work you put into them (and, yes, I would also like to know more about your novel!).


        • Andrea

          Sheffield is so close to where I am from in the UK (Lincoln)! Small world. And yes, you only live once and I’m a big advocate of going for things that you really want to do. Best of luck with it all.

          Thank you so much for the support 🙂 I’ll be posting all about my novel very soon.

          • I went to Uni in Sheffield, and stayed. I was, however, born in Scunthorpe (not something one usually likes to advertise, haha!), before moving to Orkney aged eight. Lincoln was one of the places we always visited when I was a child and later, when I was older, I would spend time in the archives there. It is indeed a small world, and one I cannot wait to see more of.

            Very much looking forward to hearing about the novel. 🙂

  • Wow! Look at you being super organised and everything!
    Normally I’d suggest you go with the flow and take it as it comes (if you have the luxury of time that is). But i was there last week and it was freezing, so I wished I had a very specific plan to spare me all the suffering! 😀
    Have loads of fun!

    • Andrea

      Thank you!

      Haha, I just checked the weather forecast and it seems the temperature will remain low way into March, too. Maybe I’m a tad too optimistic with all these plans 🙂

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