About Me

Andrea Anastasiou

The Woman of Many Words

10448657_10152261153205980_1383207153651929132_oHello! Thanks for stumbling across my blog. I’m Andrea and I’m in charge of the scribbles and the snaps!

I’m a Brit by birth, Cypriot by heritage (and totally Asian at heart) who makes a living by writing. A lot.

I was told throughout my school years that I have a gift for the written word (a gift that my mum likes to take credit for – mothers!). In my early 20s I decided to turn my passion into a job, which was a wise choice – it turns out a career in writing is a great thing if you want to work for yourself.

I lived and worked in Dubai for seven years. You can learn a bit more about it on my personal website here. But what I quickly established was that I need to be completely passionate about what I’m working on otherwise I get bored with a capital B.

With this is mind, I decided to become a freelancer, which is what I’ve been successfully doing for the last three years.

I’m also on a mission to finally write my first book and this kick-ass blog while travelling the world. These have been dreams of mine for as long as I can remember, and I definitely don’t want to be one of the many people who never end up going for what they want.

You can read about the blog’s story here.

Words I’d use to describe myself: Spiritual. Introverted. Impatient. Loving. Grumpy. Creative. Sarcastic. Friendly. Feminist.

Words others have used to describe me: Caring. Sensitive. Funny. Stubborn. Perverted (erm, what?).

I love iced Vietnamese coffee, Don Draper from Mad Men, Eric Fromm’s theories on love, mojitos, my mum, snuggling up in bed after a long day, scented candles (yes, I’m that woman), travel (who doesn’t?), ras malai, the smell of a room after incense has been burnt, the tingling taste of Jamaican food (well, ALL food).