About The Blog

Scribble, Snap, Travel is a solo female travel blog with an emphasis on the transformative power of travel

I believe that seeing more of the world helps us to learn, heal, be inspired and connect with others. In fact, travel is what helped me get over my breakup. I hope my stories and photos will push you to get out of your comfort zones.

What do I cover?

I mainly document my travels and the way they influence my inner world through long-form stories. I don’t like listicles, although you will see the odd one or two pop up from time to time (I’m only human)! I like to put my journalism and creative writing skills to good use and as such you’ll notice that most of the posts are 1000+ words long.

I like to travel slow and try to see beyond the main attractions of any given place, although many of them are also worth a look. I like to find unique experiences that really tell the story of any given place and the people who live there – whether that be through food, cultural traditions or little snippets of daily life.

You’ll also find general solo female travel tips, posts on finding the best vegetarian food in town, money-saving tips so you can travel more and longer, and insights into how I make a living on the road.