Hello! I’m Andrea and I have an insatiable appetite for travel (and food – the belly tells the story!). Scribble, Snap, Travel started out in 2014 as a couples’ blog, but within a year I found myself alone on my journey. I decided I wanted to continue documenting my adventures, so I now write about travelling solo with an emphasis on wellness and the transformative power of travel.

I believe that seeing more of the world helps us to learn, heal, be inspired and connect with others. In fact, travel helped me get over my breakup. I hope my stories and photos will push you to get out of your comfort zones.

I travel slow, while working on my freelance writing business as I go along, eating vegetarian food, reading a tonne of books and practising yoga when it’s warm enough to get out of bed. That’s me in a nutshell. Want to know more?

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